Sketchcover – Doctor Strange #1 Eternity

Ink and color marker illustration. My tribute to Steve Ditko’s design for the classic Marvel character Eternity.



Marvel Sketch Covers – Ebay

This week on Ebay I’m offering new Marvel sketch covers featuring classic Doctor Strange characters Eternity and Clea, plus a tribute to early She-Hulk.

View my complete list of Ebay art for sale.

Brave and the Bold #85 remix/recreation Hawkeye

Full color recreation/commission for collector Bert Simmons. Based on the original 1960s Neal Adams Green Arrow/Batman cover for Brave and the Bold #85 (featuring DC characters, here replaced by Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black widow)

Hand drawn ink character art, with digital work for color and text elements.

BraveBold 85 sm

ink art


Neal Adams cover art

original Neal Adams cover art