Captain America 100 – Cover Recreation

Based on the original Jack Kirby cover illustration featuring Cap and the early Avengers team. Hand drawn with ink, paints, and markers on oversize 12×18 4 ply bristol. Created Sept 2010. Features Steve Rogers, Namor, GiantMan, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther and Sharon Carter.

Captain America 100 recreation 

Pencil layout for subtle revisions before working on final color art:

  Captain America 100 recreation-pencil

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Greetings internet folk, and welcome to my personal art blog.

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I’ve been working as an illustrator and designer for several years and in different settings, but have found myself returning to the world of mainstream comic characters and styles again and again.

I’ve found plenty of inspiration and fun challenges depicting all these colorful characters, some I’m discovering for the first time, as I dig deeper as a reader, artist and collector. These galleries of work feature¬† plenty of traditional “old school” pen and ink illustrations, wet and dry color media, and digital color approaches too. I hope to feature some work in progress and occasional notes on events beyond the drawing table…