Our Army At War #164 recreation – Kubert tribute


11×17 bristol color recreation/commission for collector Bert Simmons.

Based on the original Joe Kubert cover for Our Army At War #164 80 page giant special. Representing DC’s major war heroes and titles, swapping in the 5 major series logos plus new art for the Unknown Soldier and the dinosaur action from the War That Time Forgot.

Hand drawn characters/cover art. Computer work for logos and text elements.

Logos: Our Army At War, G.I.Combat, Star Spangled War Stories, All American Men of War, Our Fighting Forces

Detective Comics – Batman cover recreation

11×17 inked recreation/commission for collector Bob Dandeneau.

Based on the original Sheldon Moldoff cover for Detective Comics 322, featuring golden age Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

Detective Comics
Hand drawn ink illustration, some digital work for logos/layout.

mid step

In progress

Captain America – Capmobile/Batmobile recreation – Detective Comics 156 tribute

Capmobile Batman tribute

11×14 Full color recreation/commission for collector Bert Simmons.
Based on the original cover for Detective Comics 156 with Batman and Robin. Here they are replaced by Captain America and Bucky introducing their “Capmobile”.

Hand drawn characters/capmobile/gear. Computer work for logos, text and top cover elements. Digital colors.

Batman tribute/recreation color



Batman Flash tribute

11×14 color final, tribute to 1960s DC cover art.

A private commission for collector Bert Simmons. Based on the Carmine Infantino cover for Flash 172. Swapping the Flash characters/logo for the world of Gotham City. Hand drawn logo and characters, Batman, Catwoman, Riddler, Joker, Ras As Ghul, Penguin, TwoFace