Justice League #29 recreation – Crime Syndicate of America/Earth 3

I recently completed this classic cover recreation, commissioned by collector Bert Simmons.

Based on the original Mike Sekowsky cover for Justice League of America 29  featuring Earth 2 heroes meeting the Justice League. Here they are replaced by the evil Crime Syndicate of America from Earth 3.

Hand drawn characters and re-imagined logo based on the Justice League logo. Some computer work for logo and text color elements.

“Pre-Crisis Comics”
From Earth-Three – Owlman, Johnny Quick, Super-Woman, Power Ring, Ultraman
From Earth-One – Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman

JLA 29 recreation

ink art before adding  logo design

Mike Sekowsky 1960s cover illustration – Justice League of America 29

JLA 29

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